How to submit your photographs
(Members Only)

Guild Members should submit their photographs to the Guild's email address which is:

1. Send in the highest resolution version that you have of each photograph.

2. When you submit a photograph of set of photographs be sure to INCLUDE
      a.  Identify
in your email the gallery or assignment the image(s) are for.
      b.  Label each image with your name and a number
(See examples from any past album under, "View photographs", in the Menu on the right.)

3. The number of images you submit for any gallery assignment are usually limited from 3 to 5 and specified as part of the assignment.

4. They will then be prepared and uploaded onto this web site for viewing within a Photo Gallery. This may take a day or so to accomplish so hang in there a bit. Submitted photos can then be seen under, "View photographs", in the Menu on the right.