Who can join?

All residents of the Pelican Bay Community in Naples, Florida who have an interest in photography are invited to become members. Membership is free and a benefit of being a resident of Pelican bay

To join or for more information email:


To be put on our email list contact Gwen Rasiwala at or call Gwen at (239)-260-8998.


Membership Benefits:
1. Regular meetings.
2. Lectures and Demonstrations by recognized photographers.
3. Reviews of members photographs.
4. Workshops.
5. Field Trips.
6. Opportunity to display your photographs at meetings, on our web site and at exhibits.
7. Communicating with other members.
8. No membership dues. It's a benefit of being a resident of Pelican Bay.
(Participation in extra activities, such as Workshops and Field Trips with professional photographers, may have charges in order to cover costs.)
9. Much more.

Steering Committee

Kathy Knight
Leighton Siegel
Karen Swift
Rich Reich
Bob Ainsworth
Carol Levy
Jennifer Clements