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Thought from Carol Levy


What's the latest?

Dear Pelican Bay Photo Guild Members,
This is our new web site replacing the previous commercial - want to sell you stuff, etc. - Shutterfly.
Our new site is non-commercial and custom designed just for us by one of our members who also acts as webmaster (Leighton Siegel). Explore the site a bit to learn more. We hope you like it and participate actively.

The Message Board is where you can share ideas about what you'd like to see the Photo Guild to do, tell us about something you experienced or learned, did you like someone's work, have you a helpful web site to recommend? What goes here up to you.
Your Pelican Bay Photo Guild Steering Committee


Guild participant web sites

Dennis Goodman Photograph
Dennis is a master nature photographer based here in Naples. He has been a frequent presenter at our meetings and has organized a number of field trips for the Pelican Bay Photo Guild.

ClickPoint Photo Street Photography by Jim Lustendar
Jim , presented, "Candid Camera: Improve Your Street Photography and Shoot Better People Pictures", last March with exampled from his book, "Paris in a Second: Images from a Street Photographer". He then lead a field trip to the Marco Island Street Festivaland and reviewed many of our street photographs.

Photography Institute of Naples by Frank Berna
Frank, who has been a long term contributor and presenter to the Guild has been in photography related businesses for more than 25 years. This includes having a commercial studio, a life style photographic magazine and managing the Ritz Camera Ultra store in Naples. His web site reflects his commitment to photographic education.

One Woman's Work by Karen B. Swift
Karent, a Guild Member, has a wonderful photo web site. To quote Karen, "What is the world? I see it in photos. Photography is in my genes. I hope my pictures take you someplace new and inspire you to dream of places still unknown. This I believe: Let the beauty you love be what you do."

Photography by Mike Rosen
Mike, who is a Guild lecturer this year is a world traveler, art photographer and experienced instructor in camera use states, "As a traveler and art photographer, I try to capture the essence of places and the people who live in them. My goal is to compose images that tell stories and define the line at which documentation becomes art."

Photography by Dennis Holt
Dennis, is a Guild Member marvelous photographer and regular contributor to our library of images. His photos exhibit a wide variety of travel locations and experiences.

Leighton Siegel Photos
I'm a Guild Member, on the Steering Committee and our webmaster, Not surprisingly, I have my own photography web site. In the most recent few years I've come to love the remaining & tragically diminishing beautiful wild creatures of Florida as seen in their shrinking natural enviournment and especially so birds. You'll also find many images from around the world.


Member suggested other web sites

DENGLER IMAGE spiritual and other-worldly

Barbara Jacobitti recommends this link to, "some amazing photos a friend of mine took in Alaska. He has a blog and wrote about how he did some of them. He's an excellent nature photographer and a nice guy. I think the pix and the story together are really amazing. Much of it fits into our ,"assignment", of night photography. About the 5th graph he talks about "painting the rocks" with light from his flashlight and headlamp, which is something Frank talked about as well. "

Highlights from Apple’s Favorite Photos Shot with iPhones

Another wow site suggested by Barbara Jacobitti,